Applause! Lim has acknowledged that his decision to pull out from the debate will be greeted "with tempests of allegations that (he is) a coward". Duly Noted.  

All senior politicians knows how the clock work and how the wind blows, but they really know LIm Kit Siang. It doesn't surprise us Subang UMNO Youth and most Malaysian on his decision because we already knew he is a coward,  his ability is only injecting slander, using mass gathering to achieve political  chaos. 

Alone, standing , addressing hence debating one by one furthermore  discussing national development issues. It's not his training. We know your limits. His campaign  are just like watching dark stand up comedy with the racist minded. Don't forget he is the one who created the 13 May 1969 tragedy  the worst political tragedy as for now in our nation political  history.

His 53 years of politics is like an an open book for Malaysians. The Malays  have already  judge him a coward  in addition  to this matter it's already  predicted.
"His only intentions is dividing  the Malays vote and turning Malaysia into the 2nd Singapore. A family achievement. Just like his cousins. 

However, there is one thing the Subang UMNO youth could  not  compute an ex communist now a coward politicians. Living happy.  "You've won LIM now work! . Or you want us to go balik Kampung like last time LIm?  We don't think so.  Will you be around in PRU 15? We really hope you're still around, the other dude look very old."

Pemuda Subang.


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