"Politics can never be a science; it is an art."

That is to say, a politician or statesman may have aptitude, but he can only learn his job by apprenticeship, by placing himself under one already accom­plished in the art, and learn as a painter or a sheep dog learns his job, or, in fact, as every one of us learns to live.  Aristotle points out, in prevision of the se­quel,  that no man will become a doctor simply by reading a book about medicine, and like­wise nobody can become a politi­cian or statesman by having a doc­trine inculcated upon him.
Nobody can learn to cook by reading a book. Such a book on cookery is the dis­tillation of knowledge concerning the art of cookery, and no reader can derive benefit from reading it unless that reader knows in ad­vance what he is likely to get from it. In order to take advantage of a cookery book, in short, it is essen­tial to know first how to cook. In politics, it is, ex­actly the same.

It is a matter of skill, of instinct and insight, of touch and sensibility, and that is why the correct behavior could only be learned at the side of an experienced politician

Conclusion, If you want to really start and change something, Never elected the politician that gained their knowledge from a tyrants. Only history repeating itself. nepotism will never end. They can't act as a politicians. But could not deliver the promise. That's what you get from the PH administration today, bunch of actors and posers. One more thing,  Netizens is not a citizens. Secure your power by registering to vote.  If the politicians you voted damage your world makes you unhappy , Don't forget to teach them next election. Vote the opposition.

By Harry Mazlan,
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*Bibliography ;Essays on political science by
Michael Oakeshot, Professor of political science at the London School of Economic

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